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Overview of Our Services

Our Services

New Staffs recruitment

  • Provide database and sources.
  • Screening Candidates.
  • Interview Candidates.
  • Psychological test for candidates.
  • Fast action for staff replacement.

Transfer existing contract employees according to timeline

  • Employee’s socialization.
  • Contract Signing.

Staff’s monitoring

  • Customer Relationship Officer to manage all client requirement.
  • Dedicated Employee Relationship Officer to manage outsourcing staff.

Employee’s data validation

  • Reference checking for potential candidates.
  • Home checking for accepted Candidate (for high risk position upon request).

Service review

  • Employee’s review and appraisal.
  • Regular meeting to and presentation keep track on SLA.
  • Employee and customer survey.


  • Basic training for all Job Desk base on Client guidance (if required).
  • Customized soft skill training by internal and professional trainers.


  • Committed time on monthly salary payment to outsourcing staffs .


  • Managing all Customer’s report.
  • Managing all BPJS and insurance.
  • Monitoring employee’s contract.
  • Other administration service’s.

HR Consultation

  • Provide the best solution for contract employees, customized to customer needs.
  • Provide solution comply with Indonesian labor law & Cipta Kerja.

Other Services

  • Other customized services if required.


SJS Mobile Apps


#Manjars (Teman kerja+)

kerja+ Apps by SJS is launched for supporting Indonesian people, especially the younger generation, to find their dream job. kerja+ also makes it possible to get certainty about the application status and the results as a real-time. Applicants will be informed about the results of their application selection a maximum of 45 days after they apply for jobs in certain positions.


After being accepted for work via the kerja+ application, prospective employees will also be integrated with the SJS+ mobile application which will simplify all employee administrative matters such as attendance and online payslip checks.